Electric - Fruit Cart

Motor & Controller: 48V

Charger: 1 No

Battery: 52.5 V 85 AH

Seating Capacity: 4+1

Front Suspension: Telescopic Suspension

Rear Suspension: Leaf Spring + Shackle Shock Absorber

Battery life : 3 year / 1400 cycles

Charging Time : 2-3 hours

Per charging Mileage: 80 km


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CAPCO introduces Electric-Cart, a revolutionary new range of electric three wheelers. Powered by the most advanced Lithium-ion technology, CAPCO Electric-Cart will change the world of three wheelers forever. Electric-Cart offers increased superior ride quality, savings and best-in-class comfort for drivers along with zero emission technology, for a better tomorrow.

These Electric-Carts have a M.S. (Mild Steel) tubular chassis; consist of 3 wheels with a differential mechanism at rear wheels. The motor is brushless DC motor. The electrical system used is 48V.

These are designed for carrying vegetables, Fruits and a driver and are available in various designed with soft roof and with windshield etc.

CAPCO Electric-Cart is suitable for selling Vegetables, Fruits and also customised as per different applications like Grocery service, Milk van, Ice-cream parlour, Street food vender and number of special applications.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PIECE

Price: 200000

Payment Terms: Immediate

Delivery Time: Immediate (As per availability)

Certifications: ICAT

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